• What is Godankey?

    Godankey is a service to giveaway keys and codes automatically. You only have to register, create a new campaign and attach some keys. The system will provide you with an HTML iframe to be embedded on your website or a full site with the widget already embedded if you don´t have anywhere to embed it.

  • Who is Godankey aimed for?

    For everybody that needs to giveaway keys or codes automatically. Either you are a member of an online site that gets lots of videogame keys and have to give them away or a developer or communication agency to sort out your key giveaways. Even if you are a YouTuber, we can help you giveaway keys and codes easily.

  • Can I send codes that are not videogame codes?

    Yes, the service is opened to any kind of businessess and keys. There is no need for the codes to be only videogame related codes. You can send any kind of code as the design of the widget does not have any videogame reference.

  • Is it there any premium pay version?

    No, Godankey is 100% free, no limitations.

  • What do you do with the emails from the users that request keys?

    When the keys are sent, the emails get deleted after 30 days of being entered in the system. We do not store information about your users.

  • Will the users who request key receive additional marketing email from third party services?

    No, the only email the users will get is the one with the key they have requested. We won't sell this emails to other companies, store them or suscribe them to other services.

  • As the creator of a campaign, can I ask for a copy of all the emails that have requested keys from my campaign?

    No, we do not provide that information to anybody, not even to the creator of the campaign.

  • Will the keys arrive instantly to the inbox?

    We give away the keys the faster we can. In order to optimize the giveaway of keys and prevent any problems we use ElasticEmail. ElasticEmail manages a queue of emails the best way possible for us. If we are under heavy load the emails can take a few minutes to arrive to the end user.

  • Will Godankey evolve and add new features or is this the final product?

    Godankey will keep evolving continuously with new features and improvements that we consider interesting for our userbase. If you want you can send your ideas to this adress and we will consider them for the future.

  • I want to unsuscribe from the service. How do I do it?

    Inside your panel you would find the Preferences option on the top right side of the page. From that section you will be able to delete your account for good. Bear in mind that this will delete all your campaigns, keys and personal data. This data will be lost forever.

  • But, if Godankey is free to use, how do you earn money?

    Godankey hasn´t been created to generate any type of income. The service was originally created to help us giveaway videogame keys at Nosplay another own project which we manage through Game Dixit S.L. As we are using shared servers and a free email delivery service (ElasticEmail), there are no extra costs.

  • Key giveaway campaign creation

  • How many campaigns can I create?

    Any number of them you want, there is no limit.

  • How do I create a campaign?

    Once you register there is an easy and quick assistant that will guide you through the creation of the campaign. It´s very easy and in less than 2 minutes you can create it.

  • What types of campaigns do you have?

    We have two types: Giveaways and First come, first served.

    In the giveaway type, the creator of the campaign imports a certain number of keys and leaves the campaign opened so the users can sign up. When the creator decides to close the giveaway (via the Godankey control panel), the system automatically makes a random giveaway and assigns the keys to the winners. Only the winners will receive an email, the participants who didn´t win won´t get any email. If there are more keys than participants all who signed up will get an email with a key and the remaining unused keys can be then exported. This is done using the "Manage Keys" section accesible when editing a campaign. The exported keys can then be used to create another campaign.

    The first come first served mode is pretty straightforward, the first users who request keys will get them. Once all the keys are given, the campaign will be closed automatically by Godankey. The keys to the winners will be sent slowly to the winners even if the campaign is closed. All the users who win will get an email and the users who request keys when the campaign is still opened but without any keys left will also get an email to inform them that they didn´t get a key.If not all keys are used, the remaining keys can be then exported. This is done using the "Manage Keys" section accesible when editing a campaign. The exported keys can then be used to create another campaign.

  • Can I edit the data of a campaign once is created?

    Yes, you can edit any data of a given campaign, even if the campaign is already active.

  • Can I add more keys or codes to a campaign when it's already active?

    Yes, you can create a campaign with any number of keys and add more afterwards, even if the campaign is already up and running. We recommend you to delete the campaigns once they are finished.

  • Can a single person ask for more than one key?

    No, for the time being all campaigns have email and IP restrictions. This means that a single email cannot request more than a single key for each campaign for a single IP. This helps us prevent the attack of the internet bots that collect keys automatically.

  • If I create several campaigns, can a single user request in all of them?

    Yes, the email and IP address only applies to a single campaign. If several campaigns are created, a single person could be able to participate in all of them. We recommend to delete the campaigns once they are finished.

  • Can I create several campaigns maintaining the same restrictions for emails and IP?

    No, each campaign has it's own restriction list and this list is not shared with other campaigns. If you want them to share we recommend editing your already created campaign so the same person is not able to participate more than once. We recommend to delete the campaigns once they are finished.

  • Can I check where in the world are my keys being requested from?

    Yes, we do have a geolocation system visible when you go into the edit mode of any campaign. This information can take up to some hours to be analyzed and updated on each campaign. Currently we show you a top five list of the countries with the highest amount of requests. The number shows how many people from each country has requested keys.

  • I registered in English, can I create campaigns in Spanish?

    Yes, no matter which language your backend is setup, you would be able to create campaigns in Spanish and English.

  • If I disable a campaign, will the users be to request keys?

    No, once the campaign has been disabled (either manually or because there are no more keys left), no other users would be able to request keys. We recommend to delete the campaigns once they are finished.

  • Can I see how many keys I already gave out for a campaign?

    Yes, once you have identified into your personal profile you will be able to access the total number of keys already given out, campaigns you have created and total of keys added. Also, the full list of campaigns with their status. You can also check how many people is currently in queue for your campaigns pressingg the "Check for updates on this queue" button on the campaign list page. We recommend to delete the campaigns once they are finished.

  • My keys are split in different files. Can I upload all the keys at the same time?

    Yes, the system supports multi-file key upload. You are able to upload an excel, CSV, TXT file or copy the keys manually.

  • How will the email the users will be getting look like? Can I customize that?

    Yes, the text within the key email is fully customizable. Moreover, you can add a custom email that the users can reply to if they have questions about the giveaway.

  • If the participants of the campaign reply to the Godankey email asking for more details or to ask about a certain problem with a campaign, do you reply to these messages?

    Yes, we at Godankey have a customer support service that replies as soon as possible to the e-mails from users. If we don´t have the information they ask for (for example what to do with the key or how to use it) we point them to the email for the creator of the campaign o to the announcement post or website where the campaign is being used.

  • Customization options

  • Can I select the size of the widget?

    Yes, you can select the size of the widget within the iframe we provide, so it fits perfectly with your web site. You only have to modify the values changing the blue button of the embed code.

  • Can I customize the widget?

    Yes, you can change some colors on the widget from the Edit Campaign page. We will add more options like images and logos in the future.

  • Can I remove your logo from the widget?

    No, Godankey is a totally free service without any limitations, we only add this small signature in the bottom right part of the widget.

  • I´ve registered in one language and I´d like to change that language for my control panel. Can I do that?

    Yes, no matter of your registration language you are able to change the language for your panel in the Preferences section of the panel. You can also create campaigns in any language.

  • Get in touch

  • If you have any questions, suggestions or problems with Godankey just send us an email here.