An easy way to send codes to everyone

  • Free

    The service is totally free. Create as many campaigns as you need and with all the keys you want.

  • Simple

    Create a campaign is a matter of seconds. Once created, you can manage it using the control panel.

  • Customizable

    Tweak the parameters of each campaign according to your needs. Embed the campaigns into your website.

  • Secure

    The key giveaways are filtered using IP and email. This way a single user is only able to get a single key.

  • Non commercial

    No data is used for commercial purposes. Your users do not have to agree to legal terms in order to get a key.

  • Private

    Create a campaign and take the widget to your site. We do not show the campaigns on the site, they are private and you use them where you want.

  • Multi-campaign

    Manage different campaigns at the same time from the your personal control panel.

  • Registration

    You can join us in a minute. Our registration process only ask for an email and a password, we do not need anything else from you.